Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone.

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Sometimes some designs are just meant to be.  The shape of the words fit perfectly together and the font choices just click with little effort.  The colors just pop.  Those are the designs that are almost too easy to create... And quite simply, I believe its because they were just meant to be.

My latest project, was just that: meant to be.  Within a few hours of being contacted to create a design for a t-shirt fundraiser, it was complete and ready to be shared to help raise funds for a woman who had just found out she was diagnosed with cancer.

Here is her story.

When you hear of a person diagnosed with breast cancer, you can't help but think, what if that was me.  You look around at your family and you wonder how they would handle the news and how you would be able to stay strong not only for them, but for yourself too.

Earlier this month, Jessica Preston, found the lump that nobody wants to find.  Two weeks later, she has found herself fighting her biggest mountain yet: Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Even though she has known for the past four years that she was BRCA positive, meaning she has the mutation in one of the breast cancer genes that gives her a higher risk of developing breast cancer or ovarian cancer, that lump still caught her by surprise.

Since finding the lump, its been a whirlwind for her and her family as she creates a treatment plan with her doctors, schedules surgeries and deals with her insurance company.  As a wife and mom of two kids (ages 6 and 4), her courage and faith is admirable.

"All in all, I have an overwhelming peace regarding the whole situation," said Jessica.  "While this is certainly going to suck for a while, I know that God has his hands over me and that he will bring something good out of all of this, even if that is bringing others closer to Christ."

Along with her faith, Jessica has a huge support group through her Younique Family.  In fact, it was her upline presenter, Ashley Cates, that reached out to me to create the t-shirt design with intentions of using the t-shirts as a fundraiser to help pay for expenses that Jessica will incur while fighting her cancer.

"She has a whole army of people rallying for her and I love that she will be reminded of that when she sees the shirts and hashtag #FIGHTLIKEJP on social media," said Ashley.  "Cancer sucks, but seeing everyone rally for Jessica and her family these past two weeks is very moving."

So far the t-shirt fundraiser has raised over half of their goal in under two weeks.

If you would like to support Jessica during her fight with cancer, you can do so by visiting the #FIGHTLIKEJP T-shirt Fundraiser.  All the funds raised will be used to help support Jessica and the extra expenses she faces during her fight with cancer that insurance will not cover. You can also support Jessica by simply using the hashtag #FIGHTLIKEJP on social media.

If you wish to follow Jessica's journey, you can follow Jessica on Facebook by clicking here.

Jessica, my family and I are praying for you in this fight.  Know that this mountain you were given was designed for you to show others that it can be moved.  Keep your head up, hold on to your faith and know that you have a whole army supporting you in this journey because friends don't let friends fight cancer alone.


Burnspiring Creations

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  • Raising you up in prayer. You are a fighter and cancer has chosen to mess with the wrong woman. Hugs!! Dannette

    Dannette Hines

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